Our relentless pursuit of innovation and our passion for people helps us champion higher standards of care throughout the industry

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We believe in reliability, knowledgeable service and high-quality products. With over 20 years of combined healthcare experience, our friendly and helpful team remain dedicated to providing medical equipment 365 days of the year.

Above all, patient care is our biggest priority. Our mission is to minimise the incidence of preventable injuries in healthcare settings. Falls and pressure injuries are hard on families and patients, adding unnecessary costs and extra work to healthcare providers. Through our reliable service, we aim to change that.

Our online portal is open 24/7, making it easy to book and access the equipment you need promptly, anytime. We are fast becoming the first choice for hospitals, aged care facilities, and private homes due to our unrelenting support, effective solutions, reliability and reasonable prices.

We have a modern warehouse and logistics centre located in Carrum Downs. This includes a medical grade washing and drying service, a repairs and servicing workshop as well as our head office and logistics facilities.


Hospitals and aged care facilities we service primarily in Victoria


Years of reliable service and care to patients and medical professionals


Products and services currently offered

Our founder's story

I started my healthcare career in 1999 as a registered nurse.

From early on, I was well aware of the impacts that injuries such as falls, pressure ulcers and other healthcare-related incidents can have on patients, families and staff alike.

With this knowledge and experience, I set out to create a solution that would not only enhance patient safety, but also provide healthcare workers with the support they need to provide optimal patient care.

That solution was Keystone Healthcare.

Our safety focus has expanded to all preventable injuries in the care setting. Keystone Healthcare are innovative leaders in proactive and complete patient care support, providing falls prevention and pressure care equipment to major hospitals and aged care facilities throughout Victoria.

Committed to helping healthcare providers give their patients optimal care, we continually source and develop the latest solutions to enhance patient wellbeing. It is this relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence, along with our passion for people, that helps us champion higher standards of care throughout the industry.

Ryan Butler, Managing Director.

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Our Management Team

Tara Canavan
Key Account Manager

Tara has worked within Keystone for eight years and has performed a number of other roles within the organisation. She now coordinates the account management function including regularly visiting and supporting hospitals and facilities and their falls prevention and pressure care needs. Tara has a passion for education and training and conducts these sessions on a regular basis, she also has a very strong knowledge of our entire product range and is regularly called on to provide non-clinical advice.

Tracey Kelly
Account Manager and Product Development Manager

Tracey is a RN and has worked in the healthcare sector for more than 20 years. She has wealth of experience as an account manager and sales representative in Victoria and overseas. Tracey manages a number of our accounts – working with them to understand their current and future needs, and also focussed on brining new products and offerings to our clients and potential clients.

Anthony Belcher
Account Manager

Anthony has recently joined us as our business has expanded. He has nine years’ experience in customer service roles including in the telecommunications sector. Anthony works closely with Tara and Tracey and also has direct responsibility for a number of clients. He is a strong communicator and has experience in managing customer satisfaction and associated processes.

Stephen Fisher
Operations Manager

Stephen has approximately 25 years’ experience in a range of management roles including warehousing and manufacturing. His experience spans the fast moving consumer goods, as well as in the manufacture and distribution of aviation models. He is leveraging this experience to manage our customer service driver teams and warehouse processing, cleaning and repairs team. Stephen works closely with the account managers to ensure our service meets the high standards set.

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Forward strategy
and growth

In striving to continually improve and create opportunities we have refocussed and expanded recently.

From the beginning of the 2018 financial year, I have brought on board and a new Director, Jennifer Irvin. Jennifer has a management background, having spend the last 20 years as a big-four management consultant advising Government organisations in relation to implementation of large-scale projects and organisation reviews.

Jennifer is a Certified Practicing Accountant and is focussing on the financial management of the organisation along with a number of improvements across the organisation to move it from a small to medium-sized business.

Recently we have seen significant growth in the demand for our core products, being pressure care and falls prevention solutions. We are also moving into a range of other equipment and solutions to support the need we are seeing in the market, including:

  • Bariatric equipment;
  • Living aids and a stronger focus on aged care;
  • Infection control solutions; and
  • Maintenance services.

Solutions based

One of our underpinning values that drives our approach is that we provide solutions to our clients and their patients rather than simply providing individual equipment items that we stock.

While our existing business has primarily been build based on a rental model, we are able to source equipment for facilities and individuals to purchase, should that suit your requirements.

Should you have a specialist requirement please contact us, we are happy to explore the options and provide advice based on our extensive industry knowledge.

Quality Accredited

Keystone is a quality accredited organisation and has invested in establishing and maintaining this accreditation which includes:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems;
  • ISO 13485:2016 Medical devices; and
  • AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational health and safety.

We also comply with the following standards:

  • ISO 14971:2012 Medical devices - risk management
  • AS/NZS 3551:2016 Management programs for medical equipment;
  • AS/NZS 4146:2000 Laundry practice; and
  • AS/NZS 3760:2006 Electrical Safety Standards.

These quality systems provide our clients with confidence that we have robust policies and procedures and can be relied on to consistently deliver on the requirements.

Looking for reliability, expertise, and innovation in healthcare supplies?