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Living Aids Equipment

We understand that not everyday is an easy day, especially for those with chronic illnesses and/or disabilities.

Looking beyond these limitations we see possibilities and relentlessly pursue innovation in spaces that can help bring a little more comfort into individuals’ everyday. 

Living Aids

Bringing comfort into the everyday.

Our range of Living Aids products make the lives of people with chronic illness or disability easier. These products empower patients to be more independent and enjoy more freedom.

Our solutions not only help patients in their own homes but can also aid in their rehabilitation within healthcare facilities.

All the products we provide are designed with the patient’s wellbeing in mind, keeping them user-friendly so that their every task and activity can be carried out simply and independently.

Our Living Aids range is divided into six different categories, addressing specific issues including bed and bath, mobility, household and living, and health and fitness.

All of our Living Aids products come with step-by-step instructions to ensure that they are being utilised safely and effectively to reduce risk of further injury.

Whether you work in a healthcare facility or are buying for private use, our online ordering system allows you to purchase products from anywhere at anytime and even track the entire process.


Leading the way in living aids education.

At Keystone Healthcare, our priority is helping our clients to get the maximum potential from our equipment. By providing education and guidance on the correct use of our products, not only do patients benefit from better outcomes, but the equipment lifespan will be prolonged. 

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Frequently asked questions.

Are there more products available?

Yes we have a large catalogue of items that we can source, depending on requirements.  The selection on the web-site are the most popular items.  Please call us on 1300 547 877 or email us contact@khsupplies.com.au if you have other requirements.

Who are the products aimed at?

These products can be used in hospitals, aged care facilities (including assisted living facilities) and individuals in their home/community.  The daily living aid range is targeted towards individuals as well as assisted living facilities.

Where are the products sourced?

Keystone Healthcare Supplies is a distributor for numerous companies so we can source quality products for consumers. A number of our products are sourced from the UK, Netherlands, US and some from Asia.

The products we select are all quality accredited manufacturers and we carefully screen the products to ensure they are functional and have a long useful life.  Our strategy is to source quality products only, we do not compete on a high turnover, low cost products; as we don’t think that this results in a good or long-term outcome for our clients and/or patients.

How do I pay for these items if I’m a private patient/community member?

There are a couple of options

  1. Phone 1300 547 877 – provide Credit Card details
  2. Electronic Funds Transfer

How is the product delivered?

The product will either be delivered by our Customer Service Drivers or we will use a courier service

What we offer

Our living aids solutions.

Lightweight Adj. Attendant Shower Commode

HD Mobile Shower Chair

Basket Weave Commode

Fold Away Shower Chair

4 Wheel Rollators 8"

Adj Walking Frame with Wheels

Adj. Quaid Aid Pyramid Base

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