Healthcare Equipment Rentals

For over 10 years, Keystone Healthcare have been offering a range of high-quality and safe healthcare equipment for hospitals and care facilities in Melbourne. 

We specialise in providing fall prevention solutions, pressure care products and bedding options such as wireless bed alarms, low lying beds, bariatric air mattresses as rental products to care facilities. We understand that your facility’s needs may vary, and it is our priority to help you offer each patient the care they need.

Whether you’re furnishing a small private facility or a large hospital, Keystone Healthcare can cater to your priorities. Our goal is to enable you to provide relentless patient care to optimise wellbeing. We recognise that renting may be the best solution for a healthcare facility, motivating us to procure high-quality equipment. 

Renting healthcare equipment is beneficial as it allows your facility to test different solutions to gauge which best suit your practice and patients. Additionally, it saves your facility from buying and committing to a full range of equipment if you are not completely satisfied. 

Hiring healthcare equipment is a flexible solution for people requiring in-home care during periods of rehabilitation or with advancing age.

How to Book Rental Equipment?

We make organising rental equipment for your home, private facility, or hospital easy.

Need some help deciding which equipment is right for you? Give us a call on 1300 547 877 and speak to a member of our friendly team. We’ll assess your needs and advise you on the best options for your patients and facility.