Floor Level Bed

Floor Level Bed

The Deprimo® Floor level bed has been developed to reduce the risk of vulnerable patients injuring themselves by falling out of bed, increasing patient safety and reducing the costs of in-hospital injury.

The bed has a height range from 120mm (4.7″) to 820mm (32.3″) and is available with crash mats that are placed either side of the bed to enable a patient to simply slide on and off the bed.

Innovative patented stowable safety rails can be easily and safely stored under the mattress platform.

The bed has full electronic control and is electrically operated by using either the patient or carer’s handset. The patient’s handset includes a lock out feature so that it is not used inappropriately.

The manual CPR override feature reduces the time taken to move the patient to emergency positions.

Safe working load of bed frame is 250kg