What to look for in aged care equipment suppliers

Let’s face it - we’re all growing older, and one day we may need a bit of help getting around safely. Falls cause 75% of injury hospitalisations in older people, and can cause significant damage to the hips, head and legs.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of safety equipment designed to assist in providing care and support to our ageing population. What’s more, new technologies mean safety equipment is constantly being upgraded to be safer and easier to use, both for the patient and carer alike.

That being said, choosing aged care equipment isn’t as simple as you might think. A number of important factors need to go into your decision to ensure you’re getting the best match for your - or your patient’s - needs.

Here’s what to look for in aged care equipment suppliers. With over 20 years experience working in healthcare, we know what we’re talking about!


There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution in fall prevention, wound prevention, and other healthcare safety equipment. So, it’s absolutely critical to work with suppliers who have experience in matching the patient or facility with the right solutions for their needs.

Suppliers who have worked in healthcare for many years have developed the skills and knowledge to know what more inexperienced suppliers simply cannot. A long history also means a history of success and happy clients - customers are returning which is a great indicator of quality and trust.

At Keystone Healthcare, we’ve been helping hospitals and aged care facilities find the right equipment for over a decade, and our happy client list is always growing.

Safety accreditation

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important for your healthcare equipment supplier to be invested in establishing and maintaining their accreditation. Keystone Healthcare have a number of accreditations and comply with multiple safety standards including risk management, occupational health and safety and quality management systems.

See the list of accreditations we hold at this page.

Complimentary services

Healthcare safety equipment needs to be properly maintained to prolong its life and maximise your value on your investment. Look for companies that offer maintenance systems and complimentary services such as equipment cleaning and repairs.

At Keystone Healthcare, our preventative maintenance program leaves you rest assured that your equipment is looked after. Our team periodically come to your facility and pick up the equipment scheduled for maintenance. We take it to our modern warehouse where we perform all the maintenance and repairs needed, then drop it back to you within days.

Find out more about our maintenance program here.

Customer service

Business is about people - and companies that put people first are the ones that truly thrive. Customer service has risen to a level where going above and beyond for your clients is the norm. Our service to you doesn’t end when you pick up your equipment, we do everything we can to ensure you get the most out of it. This includes equipment safety training to ensure you or your staff are able to use the equipment properly.

Our dedicated team are committed to helping providers give their patients optimal care through the best selection, use, and maintenance of healthcare safety equipment. Our growing team all understand the unique needs and priorities of the healthcare industry.


Depending on what you need, healthcare equipment can be expensive. If you only need equipment short term, it can be a cost-effective solution to rent your equipment instead of buying it. Also, it is important to consider how often you’ll be upgrading your equipment - if you’re managing a large facility the cost of this can be quite significant.

To assist with this, Keystone Healthcare offer safety equipment for rent or purchase.

What to do next

For over 10 years, Keystone Healthcare has been offering a range of high-quality healthcare safety equipment for hospitals and care facilities Australia-wide.

We specialise in providing fall prevention solutions, pressure care products and bedding options such as wireless bed alarms, low lying beds, bariatric air mattresses, and assisted living aids to facilities and private care centres. We understand that your facility’s needs may vary, and it is our priority to help you offer each patient the care they need.

To discuss your healthcare equipment needs, give us a call today on 1300 547 877.