Product Boomer Larger 358X256

The Haycomp Boomer

The Haycomp Boomer is an electric bariatric lifting machine for bariatric patient care. It is designed to handle a maximum capacity of 350 kg with electric lifting and leg opening control. The rechargeable battery and separate charger are supplied as standard.

The Boomer features a standard 4 point hanger attachment which is designed for use with the Boomer bariatric sling. The extra wide base provides stability and wide handles to accommodate 2 operators. The Haycomp Boomer slings are available in M or L size.

Haycomp patient lifters are proudly made in Australia.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 350 kg
  • Leg Opening: Electric Control
  • Base Height: 155 mm
  • Base Width : 980 mm
  • Base Length: 1410 mm
  • Leg Width (Closed): 810 mm
  • Leg Width (Open): 1530 mm
  • Unit Height: 1400 mm
  • Lifter Mass: 85 kg
  • Castor Size: 100 mm

Boomer Sling

  • Bariatric Sling with soft back (Available in Nylon only)
  • Designed for Haycomp JUMBUCK & BOOMER Patient Lifter
  • For use with 4 Point Hanger Bar Attachment (HC30-0700)
  • SWL: 350 kg (on Boomer); 300 kg (on Jumbuck 300); 240 kg (on Jumbuck 240)
  • Available sizes: M or L

Fabric Options

  • 100% Nylon (Solid) – for strength and comfort suitable for all round use


  • Haycomp Slings are fully washable and quick drying. It is highly recommended that sling be washed using the washing bag to protect the sling and prolong its life
  • Haycomp Slings come with correct washing and manufacturers instructions
  • All Haycomp Slings are tested to International Standards ISO/DIS 10535

Sling 1

A = 800 mm
B = 1600 mm
C = 1400 mm

Sling 2

A = 800 mm

B = 1700 mm
C = 1750 mm