Verto Turning Mattress

Many patients suffering from the inability to move or turn themselves develop pressure sores on those areas of the body where insufficient blood is suppled to these areas.

The gentle, gradual, 30-40 degree turning angle of the patient from side to side by the verto turning mattress exerts less than 26mm Hg of pressure on the skin tissue.

This allows the capillaries to fill, preventing blood starvation and the formation of presure sores. In this way, existing pressure sores can be treated successfully.

Air escapes through tiny pinholes in the top of the cells to circulate under the cover. The moisture from the patient transfers through the vapour permeable fabric cover to interact with the air blowing up from the mattress. This process keeps the patient cool and dry without blowing air directly onto the patient.

Key Features:

  • 455kg (71st)
  • swl 2032mm x 1220mm x 254mm (L x W x H)
  • Mattress weight 11kg
  • Automatic lateral rotation, reduces the risk of nursing staff injury
  • Adjustment pressure settings, enhances patient comfort and pressure relief
  • Easily accessible lock key, increases patient safety